Please, read carefully the terms and conditions.
When registering in the PHARMACY APPLICATION you AGREE WITH THE APPLICATION  TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Notice that refusing this application terms will prevent you to make orders of compounded products by sending the prescription .


1.1 This TERM applies to regulate the use of the services offered by the PHARMACY APPLICATION to the USERS, which is to enable choosing by the USERS, properly registered and, by smartphone, making orders of medicines (and delivery) as compounded medications or finished products provided by PHARMACIES, according to availability in stock, being also possible to the USERS, the payment by smartphone.

1.2 The application service for pharmacies is, therefore, to approach the USERS and the PHARMACIES, enabling the USERS to forward to the PHARMACIES, orders and request delivery of compounded products, as well as being an USER option, to receive on-line billing from delivered products  to USERS by the PHARMACIES.

1.3 Since now, it has been clarified to the USER – which states to be aware – that the offered service by the pharmacies is related only to intermediation (with the online payment option) for commercializing compounded products, and not covering preparing, packing, availability and delivering, being this four items whole responsibility of the Pharmacy, to whom must be directed any complaints about due problems.
2.1 The USER, to use the services described above, will must have legal capacity to civil acts, and will must provide the required information in the REGISTER, assuming totally the responsibility (civil and criminal) for accuracy and veracity of all information provided in the REGISTER, which can be check at any moment by the PHARMACY.

2.1.1 In case of incorrect, untrue or not confirmed information, the Delivery reserves the right of not conclude the registering flow or, yet block the existent register, preventing the USER to use the services on-line until the PHARMACY make it corrected. The PHARMACY reserves the right to prevent new REGISTERS, or cancel the already done. The PHARMACY also will act to verify the failure, by the USER, of any obligation of this TERM.
2.2 Making a successful REGISTER, the USER will have access to the services by the login and password, which information the USER commits not disclose it.


3.1 Since the successful USER REGISTER is done, he is obligated to not disclose the login and password accesses, and neither to permit the uso by third, being responsible for the consequences.
3.2 The USER must provide true and accurate information.
3.3 The USER agrees, too, to fully pay for the compounded products ordered by him.
3.4 If the USER is under age, he must be aware that he will not be able to order.


4.1 Provide on the PHARMACY website a virtual space that allows the properly registered USER  to make orders of compounded medications or drugstore medicines, and also provide ways on-line for payment.
4.2 Protect, by means of storage servers or any other magnetic high security way, the confidentiality of all information and registers related to USERS, as such values concerning to financial operations that come from services foreseen on this TERM. 


5.1 The present TERMS OF USE may be, at any time, its content or part of it modified for adjustments and inserts, in order to improve the services available.
5.2 The new conditions will be in force as soon as it is advertised on website, and the USER will be allowed to manifest opposition to any modified terms, since he makes it in writing through the PHARMACY website, which will generate the REGISTER cancellation.

6.1 To establish contact between PHARMACY and USER it is available the electronic address from this link, wherein the USER agrees, equally, to maintain an electronic address whereby they will able to communicate with each other lending legal validity to this electronic way of information exchange.


7.1 The information privacy assurance of application Users is a PHARMACY commitment.

7.2 The PHARMACY will not provide users information to third parties without previous authorization from the user, except the cases where it is necessary to answer some government agencies requests, or where, in good faith, the PHARMACY understand that it is necessary to disclose it in order to answer complaints that the content is violating third parties rights or for protect rights, properties and/or safety of the digital platform which is the service provider.

7.3 The information assigned by the user and registered due to the application use may be used by the PHARMACY as input for market mapping information and for generation of statistics.

7.4 The additional information gathered by the PHARMACY through the user navigation is property of the PHARMACY, which can use the information as it deems appropriate. Furthermore, all information provided are used for: (i) manage users account in order to customize the services; and (ii) transmit news and SYSTEM updates.

7.5 Gathering users information will also be done by the cookies (a small group of data interchanged between the user computer and the application server). The cookies using will be only for allowing the user to access the application without making login again, for storing users identifications information and for the PHARMACY internal analysis, but not being allowed any form of not authorized commercialization or sharing of those information.

7.6 Beyond the personal information, the PHARMACY has the technological capability  to retract other technical information, as the user internet address, his phone or computer operational system, the kind of smartphone and the geo location address.

7.7 The PHARMACY may use the cookies and similar technology to improve and customize the user experience when accessing the application, to help reminding his preferences and register information, etc.

7.8 Registration data from the users who cancel or have their account canceled will remain in the PHARMACY database which may use it, according to described here, for a reasonable time without exceeding the requirements or legal limitations.

7.9 The user consents the PHARMACY to establish communication by mail, telegram, e-mail, SMS, push notification (instant messaging) and other electronic ways.

7.10 Through registering, using and providing information  to the PHARMACY, the user deliberately accepts the terms of use and the foreseen conditions in the Privacy Policy about his information use.


8.1 The user declares to have read, understood and accepts all the rules, conditions and obligations established in this present TERM.